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State of the Art Sterilization Center
All instrument cleaning, disinfecting and sterilization occurs in our designated state of the art sterilization area.  The processing area is divided into sections for cleaning, preparing and packaging and sterilization then storage of instruments.  This division ensures the prevention of cross contamination of clean areas for maintaining sterility.

Instrument Washer
This is the first step in the sterilization process, which involves the removal of debris prior to packaging.  The use of the washer ensures that staffs’ safety by significantly reducing exposure to contaminants.

Cassettes and Bagged Instruments
Specialized cassettes facilitate processing and bagging of instruments prior to sterilization ensure safety in handling and maintaining sterility during storage and in between uses.

This is the process in which instruments under go heat, steam and pressure sterilization.  A spore test is preformed weekly to ensure sterilization is complete.

Bottled Water
Water lines can harbor potentially harmful organisms, especially to immunocompromised people. We incorporate waterline treatment and the use of bottled water to ensure, safe and sterile water for irrigation and rinsing.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
PPE is designed to protect the dental health-care personnel from exposure to blood or potentially infectious materials.  OSHA mandates that dental health-care workers wear gloves, surgical masks, protective eyewear and protective clothing.  Our staff updates and reviews OSHA requirements annually and maintains current CPR with defibrillator training certificates.