Mark L. Carr
General Dentistry
312 N Walnut St.
Cameron, MO
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Eagle Soft Software System- manages digital images, patient files, patient accounts, pharmacy prescriptions, patient appointments, voice activated periodontal charting,    

Schick Digital Intraoral  X-Ray System- instant imaging,  reduces exposure to x-rays by 88%, environmentally friendly with no chemicals needed for processing. 

Planmeca ProMax S3 Panoramic X-Ray- Planmeca ProMax is a complete maxillofacial imaging system.  The design and operation principles are based on the latest scientific research, technological innovations and the most demanding needs of modern-day radiology.  

Canon Intraoral Macro-Photography Group- with 16mp resolution, digital before and after photos can be saved in patient records.  High resolution images can be forwarded for consultations with specialists and laboratories.

Schick Intraoral video/still camera- a valuable resource for treatment planning and patient education.  Taking a “video tour” of your teeth and gums is a great way to learn and understand your dental needs.